Blockchain Solutions

Your Link to Blockchain

You invest in blockchain to improve efficiency and accuracy and avoid mistakes. But that investment requires additional time and energy from you and your team, which often requires training and education.

As blockchain experts, Trinitas Impact is the link between you and your blockchain supplier.

As your advocates, we oversee Blockchain:

●  Integration

●  Accuracy

●  Ease of use

●  Efficiency

●  Communication


Blockchain is a digital distributed ledger.
Which leads to the question ... what is a digital distributed ledger?

Multiple people interacting in the same tool at the same time. Real time.

For comparison sake, it is the large-data-set equivalent of a document collaboration tool like Google Docs, with a consensus tool that eases collaboration and records group decisions. 



When your client asks, you want the answers. Now.

Where are the raw materials? When will they arrive? What point are we in the production process? How close is the end product to the client? Where is the border-crossing paperwork?

With Blockchain, the answers to these questions and more are always at your fingertips. No more guessing as to the exact source of a tainted food ingredient. No more stalling clients while you make frantic calls to answer their timing questions.

Blockchain is like x-ray vision into your supply chain and all its multiple carriers, even through international borders.

Pinpointed locations. Accurate dates.

Detailed paperwork.

All close at hand. 24 hours a day.



Educational program improvement relies on data.

Access to an entire school system’s data from kindergarten through high school helps school administrators guide curriculum, educational practices, and individual student direction.

Grades, test scores, state testing results and course experience: all verified and available to those given access.

From districts with multiple high schools to unit districts, a common platform allows easier communication, reduces paperwork and clerical errors and improves efficiency.