what makes us different?

Direct. Focused. No-Nonsense.


Over 35 years of combined experience.

A unique balance of Fortune 500 consulting know-how and entrepreneurial expertise.

Your Objective Outsider and your Knowledgeable Insider.

In a nutshell, we're your COO's right-hand team.


Some of our clients include:




We have learned that business owners appreciate our direct and focused, no-nonsense approach to identifying the issues that limit profitability and providing actionable solutions that can be implemented in your business right away.  

OUR experience


Partners, Leah Stinsa and Stephanie Palzkill

propel the Trinitas Impact with

one directive in mind: helping you

improve your profit margins

& streamline your workflow.

OUR process

We look at what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong

and who is implementing what on your team, and we create a plan that you can start immediately

to see improved results


client Testimonials

​“I engaged The Trinitas Impact to help determine effective ways to improve my profitability. Their profitability assessment process helped me understand what areas of my business were driving my profit margin and the areas in which I was losing money. Since engaging with the Trinitas Impact,

I have been able to improve my profitability by 30%.”
- Kevin Gundlach, owner of Flavah 

“After engaging with Leah and Stephanie, we contracted with the Trinitas Impact to perform their business assessment process. They were able to provide me with key factors to incorporate into my marketing and business growth model regarding messaging and target markets. Leah and Stephanie were collaborative, knowledgeable and fun to work with throughout the process. I would recommend engaging with the Trinitas Impact.”
- Sandra Price, Owner of Employee Solutions Group